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Find out what makes Independent Analytics the best WordPress analytics plugin around

Beautiful analytics dashboard

See all your stats right inside the WordPress admin dashboard. No accounts or signup necessary.

Referrer report

Find all your traffic sources, ranked by those sending the most visitors, and compare traffic between search engines and social sites.

Geographic report

Discover which countries send your site the most traffic and how engaged those visitors are.


No cookies, no personal information, and no communication with outside servers.

Made for WordPress

Independent Analytics runs inside WordPress so it knows more than your metrics - it knows all about your posts and pages too.

Easy setup

Install the plugin and clear your cache - those are the only steps required for accurate and complete visitor tracking.

Device data

Find out what device types your visitors are using, and get data on their browsers and OSes.

Campaign tracking

Use the Campaign Builder to rapidly create campaign links, then track their performance.

Real-time analytics

The real-time analytics reports shows you how many people are on your site right now and what pages they're viewing.

WooCommerce integration

See how many WooCommerce sales you get from each traffic source, country, and campaign.

HTML email report

Schedule the monthly HTML email report for yourself and/or your clients.


Use the powerful filtering system to dig deeper into your data. Analyze your content, traffic sources, and more.


Sort the data table by any column to quickly find pages with the highest bounce rate or your fastest growing traffic sources.

Quick Stats

Get a look at your site's most important metrics and how they've changed over time.

Custom date ranges

Choose pre-selected date ranges or manually select any date range to review your data.

Customizable table columns

Every report includes tons of metrics and properties you can enable, like visitors growth, post categories, and more.

Admin toolbar stats

Check the admin toolbar to see how many recent views any post or page has gotten.

Average session duration

Find out how long visitors spend on your site with the session duration metric, and which referrers send the most engaged traffic.

Bounce rate

With the Bounce Rate metric, you can find out how many people only visit one page on your site before leaving.

Views per session

The Views Per Session metric tells you how many pages visitors look at each time they visit your site.

Visitors & Views Growth

Find your fastest growing (or slowing) pages, referrers, and geolocations.

Author data

Sort and filter your pages by author to see whose content performs the best.

Page type data

The Type column lets you filter and analyze your content by the Post Type.

Ignore user roles

Ignore traffic from admins and editors while counting views from your logged-in subscribers.

Landing pages

Use the Entrances column to find the top landing pages on your site.

CSV exporting

Customize the data you're viewing then instantly download it to CSV for further analysis

404 error detection

404 error pages are recognized allowing you to find and address them as they occur.

On-site search terms

Find the search terms people are using in your site's search bar.

Share analytics access

Give analytics access to non-admins on your site in just a few clicks.

White-label the dashboard

White-label the analytics for non-admins, so clients/authors can login and view the analytics without any branding or external links.

Publication dates

Use the Publish Date column to analyze older content or posts from a specific time period.

Post categories

Filter your data by post category to review the performance of each category on your site.

Post comments

Find the posts with the most comments in the current date range, rather than all-time.

IP address blocking

Easily block your IP address and those of other team members.

Traffic shares

Get a quick look at the traffic share of every post, referrer, and country.

Customizable chart range

Edit the chart to show hourly data points for yesterday's traffic, or monthly data for this year's visitors.

Report URLs

After customizing the report, copy the URL to revisit the same data later.

World map

The world map makes it immediately clear where most of your visitors are coming from.

Top cities

The Geographic report lists your top countries by default, but you can easily switch it to display cities instead.

Dark mode

Switch up the aesthetic with the beautiful dark mode variant.

Public view counter

Show off the popularity of your site to readers and advertisers with the public view counter


Independent Analytics looks just as great on mobile devices as desktop computers.