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Top referrers
Find Your Top Traffic Sources

Quickly discover which sites are sending you the most traffic so you can optimize your marketing strategy and discover new sources of customers.

What is a referrer?
A referrer is any website that sent visitors to your website via a link.
Numerous metrics
Compare Engagement Metrics Between Referrers

You can view engagement metrics like bounce rate, session duration, and views per session for each referrer. This provides a clearer picture of where your best visitors are coming from so you can filter out the noise.

Sort Your Referrers By Any Metric

Sort your referrers by any metric, allowing you to quickly find the ones with the lowest bounce rate or the highest visitor growth.

Visitors Views Referrer Name Referrer Type Bounce Rate Session Duration Views Per Page Visitors Growth
Referrer types
Check Your SEO & Social Media Performance

Independent Analytics recognizes all the most popular websites and categorizes them accordingly. This makes it simple to view your search engine traffic or social media traffic separately from the other referrers.

Ad performance
Review Traffic Stats for Your Paid Google Ads

Independent Analytics recognizes the difference between organic Google traffic and paid Google traffic, so you can monitor the performance of your ads separately from your SEO results.

Track individual ads
The Campaigns feature in Independent Analytics Pro allows you to track the performance of individual paid ads.
Use Filters to Dig Deeper

The filtering system allows you to view segments of your referrers, like sites that sent you more than 100 visitors or those with a bounce rate below 90%.

Find Your Site's Top Referrers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a referrer?

    A referrer is a site that sent a visitor to your website. For instance, if a visitor clicks a link on Facebook that takes them to your website, then Facebook is considered the referrer.

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    Is the referrer page included or just the domain?

    Unfortunately, modern browsers have removed the referrer page from the data they share. Independent Analytics can tell you the website each visitor came from but not the page they came from.

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    What is a direct visit?

    If a visitor types your website’s address into their browser, there is no referrer, so it is a direct visit. Sometimes, due to privacy settings, referrer data is removed from the browser, and these types of visits also get grouped into direct traffic.

Learn How Referrer Tracking Works

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Find Your Site's Top Referrers

Get referrer reports with the free Independent Analytics plugin
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*Use on unlimited sites and track unlimited visitors