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"How are people finding my site?"

That's one of the most important questions any site owner can have. Answering it is easy with the Referrers report.

Find out exactly how much traffic you're getting from search engines, social media sites, and other referrers, all in one chart.

Evaluate your traffic sources

Every traffic source is listed together so you can compare and find out which ones are working best for you.

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Filter & sort your results

Use the filters and sorting options to find hidden gems amongst your referrers.

Filtering by referrer type
All the top sites recognized

Popular search engines and social media sites are all recognized, making it easy to filter and sort by referrer type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a referrer?

    A referrer is the site that a visitor reached your site from. For instance, if they click a link in a Tweet that takes them to your site, the referrer is Twitter.

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    Is the referral page included or just the domain?

    Unfortunately, modern browsers have removed referreral pages from the data they share. Independent Analytics can tell you the domain each visitor came from, but not the exact page.

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    What are referrals?

    A referral is a type of referrer. This is a catch-all category for sites that are not social media sites or search engines. It normally includes traffic from blogs and news websites.

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    What is a direct visit?

    If a visitor types your website's address into their browser, there is no referrer, so it is a direct visit. Sometimes due to privacy settings, referrer data is removed from the browser and these types of visits also get grouped into direct traffic.

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