Real-time Analytics

Get live visitor stats for your website

Real-time analytics dashboard

"Is anyone home?"

It's only natural to wonder if anyone's looking at your site.

Seeing live visitor analytics can assure you that your recent email campaign is working or confirm that your site is up-and-running.

You can even take this data to advertisers and show them how much traffic a new article, social post, or email can bring to your site at once.

And the Real-time Analytics dashboard is packed with insightful data.

Active Visitors

Find out how many people are on your site right now.

Active Visitors count
Check your recent views

The charts display your recent views in 10-second and 1-minute intervals.

Active visitors charts
See which pages are most popular

Check the Top 10 lists to see your most popular pages, referrers, countries, and campaigns.

Top 10 lists in real-time analytics report
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How often does the dashboard update?

    The Real-time analytics dashboard refreshes every ten seconds.

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    What's an Active Visitor?

    An Active Visitor is someone who viewed a page within the last five minutes.

Need more info?

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