Form Tracking

Find Where Your Form Submissions are Coming From

Find the referrers and campaigns driving the most submissions on your site
  • Integrated with the top 12 form plugins
  • New form submission Quick Stats
  • Find conversion rates for every form
  • Check form submissions for each referrer
  • Form submission stats for every UTM campaign
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"Simple to set up and use; all the main metrics I need; I love small teams that make a great product that does one thing well. Just bought a lifetime license."
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Plugin integrations
Automatically Track Submissions with Top Form Plugins

Unlike analytics scripts that watch your site from the outside, Independent Analytics Pro runs inside your site, allowing it to integrate natively with form plugins.

Setting up form tracking with other analytics is tedious, error-prone, and requires coding knowledge. With Independent Analytics Pro, there’s zero setup, no room for error, and no need to edit any code. It just works.

Amelia Contact Form 7 Convert Pro Elementor Pro Fluent Forms Formidable Forms Gravity Forms JetFormBuilder MailOptin Ninja Forms WPForms WS Form
New Quick Stats
Count Submissions for Every Form on Your Site

Using the Toggle Stats button, you can quickly enable the form stats in the Quick Stats. Easily check how many submissions you’re getting and the conversion rate of your forms, and save a new report to revisit this data easily.

Conversion rates
Monitor the Conversion Rates of All Your Forms

You can track the conversion rate across all your forms and for individual forms. These metrics are available in both the Quick Stats and the data table in every report.

Measure the forms that matter
You're probably more interested in the conversion rate of your lead generation forms than your contact form. You can display stats for any individual form to see only the ones that matter to you.
Submissions by referrer
Find Your Top Sources of New Leads

Quickly find your referrers with the most submissions and highest conversion rates. Then you can focus your efforts on the channels that are working the best.

Find hidden gems
Sorting your referrers by conversion rate is a good way to find sites that might have sent a small number of submissions so far but have lots of potential for growth.
Campaign integration
Check the Submissions and Conversion Rates of Every Campaign

Enable the form columns in the Campaigns menu to see the number of submissions and conversion rate of each campaign. This makes it easy to measure the success of any lead generation campaign.

Discover Your Best Source of Leads

Start tracking form submission with Independent Analytics Pro
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*You're fully covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I have to use a WordPress form plugin?

    Yes, form tracking requires that one of the supported plugins is used to create your forms.

  • Toggle FAQ
    Can support for more plugins be added?

    If you don’t see your preferred form plugin listed above, please contact us, and we’ll see if we can add a new integration.

  • Toggle FAQ
    Will my forms show up right away?

    Once a form has at least one tracked submission, you’ll see it appear in the analytics dashboard.

  • Toggle FAQ
    Can I use multiple form plugins at once?

    Yes, you can track submissions from multiple form plugins on the same site. For instance, you can record submissions to a contact form made with WPForms while also tracking opt-ins with the MailOptin plugin.

Learn How to Track Form Submissions on Your Website

Get the inside scoop on form tracking and how it works via plugin integrations.
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"This is a fantastic plugin that is easy, beautiful, and just works out of the box. The developers have done an amazing job with it so far! Would give it 100 stars if I could."
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Discover Your Best Source of Leads

Start tracking form submission with Independent Analytics Pro
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*You're fully covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee