WooCommerce Analytics

Find your most profitable traffic sources, locations, and campaigns

WooCommerce analytics

Connect sales to their sources

WooCommerce provides a wealth of sales analytics, but lacks data on the origin of each sale.

With data correlating each sale to its traffic source, geolocation, and campaign, you can optimize your marketing efforts.

And unlike other analytics solutions, the tracking starts automatically without any configuration.

New Quick Stats

Display 8 different WooCommerce metrics in the Quick Stats.

New woocommerce stats
New data columns

See your Orders, Net Sales, Conversion Rate, and more for every data row.

New WooCommerce data columns
Find profitable referrers

Quickly uncover traffic sources that drive sales, and those that don't.

WooCommerce sales data
End-to-end campaign tracking

Campaigns already give you a precise number of visitors, and now you can see the revenue they create.

WooCommerce sales data in the Campaigns report
Top performing landing pages

Find how many sales your top landing pages generate, so you can optimize your marketing strategies.

Woocommerce landing pages
Global conversion rate

Check the conversion rate for your whole store.

WooCommerce conversion rate
New chart metrics

See your total Orders and Net Sales plotted in the chart.

Woocommerce chart quick stats
Order Referrer Box

Find the referrer and campaign data for individual sales in the Order menu.

WooCommerce Order Referrer

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does it show the metrics for existing sales?

    Independent Analytics Pro can report on any sales that have taken place after the free version was installed. For instance, if you installed IA 30 days ago and you upgrade to IA Pro today, you'll be able to see data for WooCommerce sales from the past 30 days. If you haven't used the free version, then WooCommerce sales tracking will start when Independent Analytics Pro is installed.

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    Is there any configuration required?

    No, all WooCommerce analytics are provided automatically when running Independent Analytics Pro. No configuration needed.

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    How long does it take for new sales to appear?

    Sales show up in the analytics reports immediately after they are completed.

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    Can I see the referrer for specific orders?

    Yes, you can find this data in the Order Referrer box in the Order page (pictured above).

Need more info?

We have detailed tutorials available in the Knowledge Base. You can also submit a feature request through our feedback board, or contact us directly via our contact page.