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Analytics for the Little Guys

Here’s a question for you:

Does your existing analytics program work well for you, or do you use it because it’s what you’ve always used?

For many years, Google Analytics has been the default choice for website analytics despite the fact that it’s not a good fit for the majority of website owners.

As an enterprise analytics tool, it’s overly complicated for most small businesses and eCommerce stores, let alone solo bloggers and publishers.

But due to Google’s dominance, few companies have tried to present an alternative solution.

That’s something we’re trying to change.

Big insights without big bloat

At its core, using analytics is a simple three-step process:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Find an answer
  3. Implement a change based on that answer

Believe it or not, this process doesn’t require expertise.

Questions occur to you quite naturally as you wonder things like, “How are people finding my website?” or “Does anyone look at the category pages?”

The trouble is that most analytics programs create too many barriers between your questions and the answers you’re seeking.

Our goal with Independent Analytics is that the answers come to you just as naturally as the questions.

Analytics made easy

Independent Analytics gives you a simple and beautiful dashboard that even a total beginner to website analytics can use.

Independent Analytics dashboard

With the user-friendly dashboard, you can rapidly filter, sort, and customize your reports to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

And since the data loads near instantaneously, there’s hardly any delay in your discovery process.

Multiple filters in use

By stripping away the barriers created by traditional analytics programs, you can complete the analytics process and move on to making impactful changes that improve your website.

And part of why this data is so useful is because it’s much richer than what you get from URL-based analytics programs.

Introducing “Page-based analytics”

Most analytics programs record data based on your URL. Independent Analytics is different.

Since it’s integrated at the CMS level as a WordPress plugin, it knows everything about your site’s pages, including but not limited to the URL. We call this page-based analytics.

This means that every report can include data like the post author, publication date, and page type (Post, Page, Category, etc.), so you can find things like your most popular posts or top search queries without using a specific URL scheme or RegEx pattern.

Page level data

Additionally, using a plugin rather than an app for your analytics means that your data is both collected and stored on your server, so you get superior data privacy and GDPR compliance.

Not to mention, you can completely eliminate the performance hit that comes from loading a heavy analytics script from an external server.

And it’s free for everyone

Independent Analytics is a free plugin and will always be free for everyone to use. It’s available on the WordPress repository and can be downloaded there or from our site.

You can search for “Independent Analytics” via your Plugins > Add New menu or click the button above to download a copy now.

Who’s behind this?

Independent Analytics is designed & developed by Ben Sibley and Andrew Mead.

Ben is the founder of WordPress theme shop, Compete Themes, which has garnered over 2 million+ downloads in its 10-year history.

Andrew is an expert developer and top Udemy programming instructor with over 380,000+ students worldwide.