Email Reports

Keep your clients updated on their site's performance

Monthly PDF reports on auto-pilot

The Independent Analytics dashboard is easy to use, but what if your clients don't usually login?

Instead, you can add them to the monthly email, and they'll get a PDF performance report on the 1st of every month.

This keeps your clients up-to-date and gives them data in an accessible and shareable format.

Beautiful PDF report

The performance report is just as beautiful and easy to read as the dashboard.

PDF report cropped
Set and forget

Customize the message, add the email addresses, and sit back while the report goes out on auto-pilot every month.

Email report settings
Top Ten and more data

Check the top ten pages, referrers, and countries. Use the footer link to access the full dashboard for more analysis.

Top ten lists in PDF report
Download Independent Analytics today and ditch the legacy analytics tools

Get beautiful, user-friendly analytics right in your WordPress dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I preview the email before sending?

    Yes, there is a test button that will send you a copy of the email for review before you finalize it for clients.

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    Can I send the email more often than once a month?

    Not yet. We are starting with a monthly email but will soon enable you to add more schedules and send customized reports.

Need more info?

We have detailed tutorials available in the Knowledge Base. You can also submit a feature request through our feedback board, or contact us directly via our contact page.