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How to Create a WooCommerce Sales By Country Report

Wondering how many sales you’re making from each country?

As you’ve likely found out already, WooCommerce doesn’t include any geolocation data in its reports.

However, this missing data is easily uncovered with the addition of a new analytics tool.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get country (and city) data for your WooCommerce store with the Independent Analytics plugin.

How to install Independent Analytics

Independent Analytics is a free plugin we developed as a simpler alternative to Google Analytics.

Independent Analytics plugin page

It’s fast, GDPR-friendly, and doesn’t use cookies to record views and visitors.

You can install it by searching for “Independent Analytics” in your Plugins > Add New menu. Or, you can download it from the link below and follow these steps to upload it to your site.

Click to download

If you download from our site, you’ll also get our Welcome Email Series with additional tips and tricks for using your new analytics.

Once installed on your site, Independent Analytics will begin tracking visitors right away. Now let’s talk about where to find the geographic data.

Where to find the country data

In the Analytics dashboard, you’ll find a Geographic report with stats and a world map showing where your visitors came from.

Geographic reporting dashboard

Below the chart, you’ll find a table with metrics for every country:

Country table data
Each country also has session duration, bounce rate, and other metrics

As you can see, this gives you a great overview of all the countries your visitors came from, plus additional metrics like the session duration and bounce rate.

Now let’s cover how you can get sales data into this report.

How to see WooCommerce sales per country

To get WooCommerce sales data, you’ll need to upgrade to Independent Analytics Pro, which is still available at a steep discount for our early adopters.

View pricing

With the Pro version installed, new WooCommerce metrics are available in the table, such as orders, net sales, and conversion rate.

New WooCommerce data columns
There are 8 metrics for evaluating WooCommerce sales performance

These metrics can be quickly enabled in the table so you can see which countries generated the most sales.

Sales by country

With just a click, you can sort the countries by sales or orders to immediately find where most of your buyers live.

The best part is that Independent Analytics Pro doesn’t require any configuration at all. As a WordPress plugin, it runs entirely inside WordPress, so it integrates with WooCommerce without requiring you to touch any code or tracking scripts yourself.

The WooCommerce sales metrics are also available in the Referrers report, allowing you to compare sales from Google and Facebook, for instance.

Conversion rate per country (and more)

While seeing your gross sales per country is great, you can take your analysis even further with the additional metrics.

For instance, you can enable the Conversion Rate column to see the percentage of visitors from each country that convert to a sale. You might also like the Earnings Per Visitor and Average Order Volume metrics for uncovering the most profitable geolocations.

To get the best results, you may want to ignore any country with only one sale, to prevent skewed data from outliers.

Filter countries by orders

Filters are a powerful tool for digging deeper into your data, and you can read more about them here.

One last thing you should know is how to see sales per city too.

How to see sales per city

In the toolbar, you’ll find a button that says “Group by Country.” You can click this and switch the grouping to “City” in order to view city data instead.

Grouping button

After making this change, the table will display metrics for every visiting city.

City data table

Find your WooCommerce store’s most profitable countries

While WooCommerce doesn’t provide geographic data, it’s easier than ever to create a sales-by-country report with the right tools.

If you’re interested in trying out Independent Analytics, you can download the free version below or check out the paid version here.

Get started with Independent Analytics

Learn more Click to download

Feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us if you have any questions about using Independent Analytics and getting more data out of WooCommerce.

Thanks for reading!

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