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How to Check Website Traffic by Country & City

Want to find the countries your visitors are accessing your site from?

This data can be extremely useful, and the good news is that geographic data is readily available in most analytics tools. In fact, there are even tools that can uncover this info for your competitors’ websites.

In this guide, we’re going to cover:

  • How to check your website’s traffic by country
  • How to check someone else’s website traffic by country
  • How accurate geolocation reports are

Let’s get started with how to find out which countries your visitors are coming from.

How to check your website’s traffic by country

The very first step is to install web analytics on your site so that you can record each visit.

In the past, Google Analytics was the de facto solution, but these days there are loads of alternatives.

If your website runs on WordPress, check out our plugin, Independent Analytics.

Independent Analytics plugin page

It’s free, GDPR-friendly, and doesn’t require any technical skills to use.

Tracking begins right after installation, and you’ll see data start pouring into the analytics dashboard.

Independent Analytics dashboard in WordPress admin

As you can see, the analytics are available inside your WP admin, so you don’t have to login to a new dashboard or create an account anywhere.

Like most analytics tools, Independent Analytics includes a Geographic report with data on the countries, cities, and continents your visitors are from. It’s accessible via the Geographic tab in the menu.

Geographic menu item

The world map is colored based on each country’s share of your traffic, and you can hover your cursor over any country to see the visitor count.

World map interaction

Below the world map is a data table listing every country and its metrics. This makes it easy to browse the top countries and compare traffic between them.

Country table data

In addition to visitors and views, each country also includes session duration, bounce rate, views per session, and more.

If you’re interested in seeing visitors by city, you can group the data by city to see that data instead.

City data table

Now that you know how to find your own website’s traffic by country, let’s cover how you can find this data for someone else’s website.

The Pro version also includes WooCommerce integration, allowing you to review sales by country, conversion rates, and more.

How to check another website’s traffic by country

If you’re interested in seeing geographic reports for a website you don’t own, there is some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that there’s an awesome tool called Similarweb that can help. They have a URL input right on the homepage where you can enter the site you want to analyze.

Similarweb homepage

The report you get back is packed with practical data, including engagement metrics, top referrers, and visitor demographics.

Of course, there’s also a geographic report, which displays the estimated traffic share across all countries.

Similarweb geographic report

While this data is incredibly useful, it’s important to understand that it’s not guaranteed to be accurate. This data is collected “from the outside looking in,” so it’s all approximate. Regardless, it’s still helpful for understanding the audience, competitors, and overall performance of another website.

Now I did warn you about some bad news earlier. Here it is…

Free usage of Similarweb is quite limited, and the paid plans begin at $125/month. For these reasons, you might want to make careful use of the limited free reports and plan to use the app extensively if you signup for a paid plan.

Now that you’ve learned how to find country traffic data, you might be wondering how accurate this data is.

How accurate is geolocation data?

Geolocation data is never perfect, regardless of which analytics tool you install on your site.

This is because the geolocation is approximated based on an IP address, which is never tied to a specific location. While this data is imprecise, it is still quite accurate.

If you’re wondering just how accurate, here is the degree of accuracy for each tier of geolocation.

  • Continent: 99%
  • Country: 99%
  • Subdivision: 80%
  • City: 66%

As you can see, geographic analytics are very reliable when reporting the country your visitors came from. On the other hand, they are not precise enough to select the correct city all the time. When the city is incorrect, it’s because a neighboring city was selected instead.

This is true for the geographic reports in Independent Analytics as well as any other analytics tool providing this kind of data.

Start tracking traffic by country today

As you’ve seen, checking your website traffic by country is easy with the right tools.

You can find this data with most analytics tools, but if you’re looking for a good solution for a WordPress website, try our plugin.

Get started with Independent Analytics

Learn more Click to download

And if you’re interested in finding country traffic data for another website, Similarweb is extremely helpful.

Thanks for reading this guide on finding traffic by country, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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