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The 5 Best Clicky Alternatives for Modern & Privacy-Friendly Analytics

Looking for an alternative to Clicky?

Over the past few years, there’s been an explosion in creative new analytics solutions to replace older platforms, like Google Analytics and Clicky.

This collection highlights a few of the most innovative and practical solutions. Each tool has its own strengths and benefits, and pricing varies a lot between them, so keep that in mind as you’re reading.

Here are our top recommendations for a Clicky alternative.

1. Independent Analytics

Independent Analytics plugin page

If you’re using WordPress, check out our plugin, Independent Analytics.

Independent Analytics is a free plugin that adds an entire analytics dashboard to your WordPress admin menu. It starts tracking the moment you install it and includes robust, filterable reports.

Independent Analytics dashboard in WordPress admin

From the analytics dashboard, you can see your top posts and pages, the referrers sending you the most visitors, and which countries and cities your visitors are in.

Another reason to choose Independent Analytics is that it is GDPR compatible. It doesn’t use cookies, and the data is recorded and stored entirely on your server without any communication with outside servers.

If you want even more data, there’s a Pro version that includes campaign tracking, a campaign link builder, email reports, and WooCommerce integration.

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2. Fathom Analytics

Fathom website

Fathom is another great alternative to Clicky. It’s lightweight, privacy-friendly, and easy to use.

One of the best features of Fathom is the UI design. It’s incredibly simple and makes it easy for you and the other marketers on your team to review your site’s performance. You can see your site’s top pages and referrers, plus basic metrics like time on page and the real-time analytics that show the current number of visitors on your site.

Another nice feature is event tracking, which you can implement with a simple Javascript snippet. As long as you have a developer on board, adding event tracking will be very simple.

Pricing for Fathom starts at $14/month and gets you up to 100,000 pageviews/month for 50 websites.

3. Plausible Analytics


Plausible is another alternative to Google Analytics and Clicky. It’s a lot like Fathom but with a few key differences.

The interface is similar to Fathom, showing you your top pages and referrers and a chart of your daily pageviews and visitors. There’s also a new feature that lets you compare these metrics to the previous period.

Plausible includes event tracking, enabling you to insert a small JS snippet anywhere you want to record a custom event, which you can then review in the dashboard. This can work on “Thank You” pages or be triggered from a form API upon submission.

Pricing for Plausible starts a bit lower at $9/month for 10k pageviews, but it costs more than Fathom as you scale up your pageviews. For instance, it’s $19/month for 100k pageviews, whereas Fathom is only $14/month for the same.

When you compare Plausible VS Google Analytics or Clicky, it’s simpler and visually nicer to use. If you want to save costs on a smaller site, it may be a good choice for your website.

4. WP Statistics

WP Statistics plugin

WP Statistics is another top analytics plugin for WordPress. It records tons of data, including search engine traffic, visitor geolocations, and more.

WP Statistics is also GDPR compliant out of the box. However, if this isn’t a concern of yours, it’s possible to disable this compatibility, and then you will see visitor IP addresses inside the dashboard.

The interface is outdated compared to other plugins here, but it is jam-packed with data. If you’re more interested in collecting tons of statistics than having a beautiful page to read them on, this could be the best analytics plugin for your site.

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5. Statify

Statify plugin page

Clicky is a pretty robust platform, but if you are looking for something much simpler, Statify could fit the bill.

Statify is another WordPress plugin, and it’s extremely lightweight. It’s fully GDPR compliant because it only tracks pageviews, so there is no visitor data like IP addresses. You can find a chart and the total number of pageviews in a dashboard widget added to your site, which you’ll see immediately upon logging in.

Another reason to use Statify is that it automatically deletes older data. This is a good feature for anyone worried about the accumulation of data building up in their site’s database.

While it’s likely too simple for most people considering a Clicky alternative, it will be a great fit for anyone looking for a lightweight solution.

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Which Clicky alternative is best?

As you’ve seen, there are lots of great alternatives to Clicky, especially if you’re running WordPress.

If you want something more modern and WordPress-based, Independent Analytics will be perfect.

Get started with Independent Analytics

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If you aren’t using WordPress, then Plausible and Fathom should be top contenders. Otherwise, you can choose WP Statistics for a robust dashboard or Statify for an extremely lightweight analytics dashboard.

Regardless of which Clicky alternative you choose, I hope this list has introduced you to a great new analytics tool for your site.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to post a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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