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Beautiful data for your posts, pages, and everything in between

WordPress integration

See how your content performs, not your URLs

Traditional analtyics tools are URL-based, but Independent Analytics is different.

Independent Analytics is page-based and knows everything WordPress does.

This means you can see visits for your posts VS pages, find out how many views each author gets, or even see which search terms are popular, all without any configuration.

Deep WordPress integration

Page-based analytics have rich data that goes way beyond the URL.

Multiple filters in use
Find data from any time

Use the date picker to grab visits from any date period.

Custom date picker
Retain your data

Since the analytics are page-based, your data is unaffected by things like redirects, URL changes, and domain migrations.

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Download Independent Analytics today and ditch the legacy analytics tools

Get beautiful, user-friendly analytics right in your WordPress dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are page-based analytics?

    Normally, analytics programs are only aware of your site's URLs and that's how they organize your data. Since Independent Analytics is integrated with your CMS, it is aware of your site's pages and can display data based on those pages, including but not limited to their URLs.

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    What page data gets included in the reports?

    At this time, data includes the title, URL, page type, author, and publication date. More data will be included in future updates.

Need more info?

We have detailed tutorials available in the Knowledge Base. You can also submit a feature request through our feedback board, or contact us directly via our contact page.