GPDR-Compliant Analytics

Say "goodbye" to cookie popups

Privacy for you and your visitors

One unique advantage of using a WordPress plugin for your analtyics instead of a SAAS app, is that your data is never sent elsewhere for processing.

Since your analytics data is both collected and stored on your server (and no cookies are used) Independent Analtyics is 100% GDPR compliant.

No complex configuration

You don't have to customize the analytics or worry if you did things right to achieve GDPR compliancy.

Data that you own

Your analytics are saved solely in your sites database and will transfer with any database migrations or backups you do.

Export & customize your data

Use the one-click CSV export to get a spreadsheet of your data so you can dig deeper using other tools.

Download Independent Analytics today and ditch the legacy analytics tools

Get beautiful, user-friendly analytics right in your WordPress dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I need to use a cookie popup with this?

    No, Independent Analytics does not use cookies or track personally identifiable data, so no consent form is required.

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    Will it always be GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Independent Analytics will always be GDPR compliant without configuration. More advanced tracking requiring cookies may be added in the future, but only as an optional setting for users who want this type of functionality.

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    Is there anything I need to do to make the plugin compliant?

    Nope, it's fully GDPR compliant upon installation and requires no configuration.

Need more info?

We have detailed tutorials available in the Knowledge Base. You can also submit a feature request through our feedback board, or contact us directly via our contact page.