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The 5 Best Cookie Consent Banner Plugins for WordPress

Need help complying with GDPR and CCPA laws?

We’ve got you covered.

The cookie consent plugins for WordPress listed here will make it easy to request visitor permission before using any cookies.

Even better, most of them now include the option to automatically scan your site for cookies and block them, making it easier than ever to launch a privacy-friendly website.

But before we get to the plugins, here’s a tip that might allow you to skip the need for a cookie consent plugin entirely!

How to track analytics without cookies

There is a good chance that the only cookie on your website is coming from Google Analytics.

If this is the case, you can switch to a cookie-less analytics tool, and then you won’t need a cookie consent plugin at all!

To track your visitors without using cookies or storing personally identifiable information (PII), check out our plugin, Independent Analytics.

Independent Analytics plugin page

Independent Analytics records all your site’s visitors, views, and sessions without using cookies or sharing any data outside of your site. All the data is created and stored entirely on your server, making it more GDPR-friendly than solutions like Google Analytics.

If you have multiple tools on your site that use cookies, you’ll still need a cookie notice plugin, but it’s good to know that you can record analytics without asking for cookie consent.

The best cookie notice plugins

This collection includes a variety of cookie consent plugins, all of which are free. Only highly-rated and widely-adopted plugins have made this list.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best cookie consent WordPress plugins.

1. CookieYes


CookieYes is an excellent solution for creating and managing cookie notices on your site, and with over one million active installs, many other WordPress users agree.

There are a few features that make this GDPR plugin the best option on the market.

For starters, there is a cookie-scanning feature that will automatically find the cookies used on your site. You can then block them until the user consents to their use.

Next, CookieYes makes it easy to enable this functionality based on geographic region, so you can omit the notice entirely in regions outside the EU and California.

And one last feature that puts it over the edge as the best cookie plugin is the ability to generate privacy policies. CookieYes will assist you in generating both your general Privacy Policy statement and your Cookie Policy. For casual webmasters who aren’t going to hire a lawyer, this makes it easy to generate policies that can be used confidently.

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2. Iubenda


Like other plugins listed here, Iubenda can automatically scan your site for cookies and configure it to block them. This makes GDPR compliance much easier than tracking down all the cookies manually.

This plugin also includes a generator for your privacy policy and terms and conditions. Even better, it has translations for 10 different languages built-in, making it an excellent choice for non-English and multilingual websites.

One more reason to go with this plugin is that it is fully accessible, passing the AAA WCAG accessibility guidelines.

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3. Complianz


Complianz is more than just a cookie consent plugin; it’s a complete solution for managing all aspects of privacy on your website.

One of the coolest features of this plugin is its cookie-scanning functionality. As a WordPress user, it’s difficult to know which plugins and external apps use cookies. With Complianz, you can scan your website, and it will automatically find each cookie for you.

Once you have a list of the cookies your site uses, you can block them until visitors provide their consent via the cookie notice that shows up on your site. Only then will the cookies be added to their browser.

With Complianz, you also have the option to enable the cookie consent popup based on geographic location. This means you can omit it for anyone visiting outside of the EU or California.

Overall, it’s a complete and well-designed cookie banner solution for WordPress.

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4. Real Cookie Banner

Real cookie banner

Real Cookie Banner is another top contender for adding cookie consent forms to your site. It will help you fully comply with the GDPR (DSVGO) laws in the EU and the CCPA laws in California, USA.

With this GDPR plugin, you can scan your site for its cookies and add a detailed popup asking for the visitor’s consent. It’s possible to create full-featured popups that document exactly what the visitor agrees to.

This plugin also includes robust customization options. You can use the same Live Customizer that most WP themes use to edit the design of the cookie popup and watch your changes take place as you make them.

One last reason to pick this plugin is the excellent customer support, which many users mention in the five-star reviews.

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5. Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner

Beautiful cookie consent banner

The Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner plugin isn’t as polished as some of the other options here, but it could still be the best choice for your site.

With this plugin, you can add a highly customizable and responsive banner to your site that notifies visitors of your site’s cookie use. It includes checkboxes for each cookie, allowing visitors to select the cookies they accept and then click the save button.

There are lots of settings available in the menu for controlling how it looks when displayed and what data from visitors should be saved.

One drawback of using this plugin is that it does not automatically scan your site for cookies, so you’ll have to add them manually. That said, it is still a decent and lightweight option for adding a cookie notice banner to your site.

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Which cookie policy popup plugin is best?

As you’ve seen, there are lots of great options for adding a cookie consent notice to your site.

CookieYes is our top recommendation, but Iubenda and Complianz are excellent plugins too. Most notably, they all include cookie scanning, which makes the process much faster and easier.

And don’t forget; you may be able to skip the addition of such plugins entirely with the use of a cookieless analytics plugin, like Independent Analytics.

Get started with Independent Analytics

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Thanks for browsing this list of the best cookie consent WordPress plugins, and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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