Devices Report

Compare traffic between device types, browsers, and OSes

Device data report

Are my visitors using mobile or desktop?

Knowing what kind of devices your visitors use can inform all sorts of decisions.

The desktop design may not be a priority if 95% of your visitors use mobile devices, or vice-versa!

With a quick peek at the Devices report, you'll know where to focus your efforts.

View traffic by device type

Easily compare traffic between desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Devices table
Browser data

Find out what browsers your visitors are using the most.

Browser data in Devices report
Discover popular OSes

See which OS is most popular amongst your visitors.

Data table listing each visitor OS
Filter & analytze further

Review session duration, bounce rate, and views per session for any device, browser, or OS.

Browsers filtered
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are device models named in the report?

    No, this data is not included. Device model data is very unreliable and we found that it was more misleading than helpful.

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    What device types are recognized?

    The recognized device types are desktop, tablet, mobile, smartwatch, and TV.

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