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Version 1.9 – Geodata has arrived!

Update: product updates are now published on our Changelog here.

We’re happy to announce the addition of Independent Analytics’ most requested feature: Geolocation data!

Geographic menu

Once you update to version 1.9 (available now), you’ll find the new Geographic menu item added to the analytics dashboard.

👉 Read the Geo Data Tutorial

The Geographic dashboard includes a world map with countries highlighted based on how many visitors they’ve sent you as well as a data table listing every unique location.

World map interaction

And like other dashboards in Independent Analytics, the geo data can be filtered, sorted, and have its columns customized.

Geo data filtered by country

This data is not retroactive, so make sure to update right away to begin recording location data.

Anything else?

Geodata dominated this release as it’s such a large feature, so there have been very few changes outside of that. You may notice the “scroll to top” arrow at the bottom right of the dashboard because it’s been re-colored to stand out more, but that’s about it!

What’s next?

We have a series of small features on the way, including:

  • A dashboard widget with the quick stats and line chart
  • Post view counter you can display publicly
  • New Learn menu with a search bar and links to tutorials

Those will all be coming in version 1.10, which we plan to release on the 29th or 30th of this month.

And after that, we’re finally going to tackle the performance issues affecting large sites. We’ve set the groundwork to add pagination so that only 100 rows in the table will load at a time, which will greatly speed things up.

If you appreciate what we’re building, make sure to leave us a review. As of now, we’re up to eight in total, so each one helps!

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