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Version 1.8 – Back-end improvements and a major bug fix

Update: product updates are now published on our Changelog here.

In this update, we had to do some major housekeeping, so there isn’t anything flashy or exciting to report.

The bulk of the work in this release was creating a migration system that will make it easier for us to update and modify the database structure when needed in future updates.

We also found there was a bug that prevented visits from being tracked when WordPress was installed in a subdirectory. Now, the tracking will work no matter where WP is installed.

Fixing slow dashboards

As users have mentioned, the dashboard can take 5+ seconds to load for a large site. This is something that we are addressing through the next few updates.

Today’s update laid some of that groundwork. In the next update, we will be making an update to the way columns are sorted, which will make sorting much faster for large sites. For technical reasons, we have to take this step first before improving the initial load times of the dashboard.

In subsequent updates, we’ll be adding pagination and other improvements that will dramatically speed things up. For obvious reasons, loading 100 rows in the table instead of thousands will make the dashboard much faster.

Geo data is on the way!

Geo data has been the most popular request (by far), so we started tackling this feature sooner than anticipated, and it’s coming together rapidly!

Visitor location is already being recorded and included in a new Geographic menu.

The chart will be replaced with a map

As you can see, it is a work in progress but it’s really coming together. The final version will include Visitors in the table and more importantly, a world map in place of the line graph showing you how popular your site is in each country.

What about Saved Reports?

I’m so excited to add Saved Reports to Independent Analytics, but there are so many other features and enhancements that have popped up since we began working on it.

Once we knock out these performance improvements and include Geo data, our focus will move back to Saved Reports.

Thanks for keeping up with Independent Analytics, and make sure to leave us a review if you haven’t already!

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